Safer bone surgery

In many fields of surgery, bone-cutting procedures involve the risk of complications caused by the surgical drill damaging vital soft tissues such as blood vessels or central nervous system structures. Such complications can severely affect patient quality of life and result in significant costs.


Surgify Safety Burr™  

Surgify Safety Burr is a tissue-selective drill tip for bone cutting that offers improved safety, precision, and speed during neurosurgical and complex orthopedic procedures. The pressure- controlled tip for bone sculpting provides high accuracy and a unique soft-tissue protection shield for a less-invasive surgical experience.

The improved safety is delivered through Surgify Safety Burr patented safety mechanism, a tissue-selective safety shield around the burr, which activates automatically when the drill bit encounters tissue softer than bone during surgery. On the other hand, the cutting mode is activated by applying sufficient pressure to the tip.

Patent protected: EP3525691, US 113,245,19, JP2019531140A, ZL 201780063112.3, CA3038233A1.




Key benefits of Surgify Safety Burr™


The tissue-selective safety shield protects soft tissues during bone cutting procedures.

Less soft tissue injuries contribute to reduced complications, and improved quality of patient care.

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Superior precision, including reduced chattering and controllable cutting speed provide first-rate user experience and can contribute to improved surgical results.

The pressure-controlled bone sculpting allows the removal of desired amount of bone and excels in both delicate and rapid cutting – increasing the confidence in surgical performance.

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Surgify Safety provides highly effective bone removal and speeds up surgery without compromising safety. The unique 2-in-1 tip combining cutting and diamond burr features can also reduce the need for various sizes of tips contributing to easier workflow and streamlined inventory.

The high-speed bone cutting together with a tissue-selective safety shield allows faster procedures. Faster surgical procedures require less anesthesia, lowering patient risks and improving operating room efficiency.

Unmatched performance

Surgify Safety Burr can be utilized in a range of surgeries, including neuro, spinal, and ENT surgeries. It offers an unique user experience due to it’s tissue-selectivity features and negligible chattering effects during surgery.


In elderly patients the intracranian dura, often tightly attached to the overlaying skull bone, requires meticulous dissection not to be torn during craniotomy.

Juha E. JääskeläinenProfessor, Chairman of Neurosurgery, NeuroCenter, Kuopio University Hospital

Surgify’s device appears to push the soft tissue out of the way. This is a major advantage, as a typical surgical drill that spins tens of thousands of times in a minute can be very dangerous if it touches soft tissue.
I see a lot of promise in Surgify!

Mika NiemeläProfessor, Head of Neurosurgery, Helsinki University Central Hospital

Based on my personal experience in more than 16,000 microneurosurgical operations, I immediately realize this drill is extremely useful.
This is a breakthrough!

Juha HernesniemiProfessor, Head of International Center for Neurosurgery, Henan Provincial People's Hospital, Zhengzhou, China

Preventing dural tears rather than fixing them afterwards would be much more helpful, efficient and cost saving, and of course helps the patient recover.

John KoivukangasProfessor Emeritus, Neurosurgeon, Oulu University Hospital


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