Surgify Medical Oy

Surgify Medical Oy is a surgical technology company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and was founded in 2017. The company is developing technology solutions to protect the soft tissues and prevent associated complications during bone surgeries.

Surgify’s cutting technology is developed in close collaboration with the Neurosurgical Department of Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland, ensuring the fulfillment of clinicians’ needs.

“We see our solution as part of a bigger change that is happening in surgery, and that enables wider use of automation in many types of procedures. We envision enabling surgeons to utilize their surgical skills beyond the limitations of current surgical instrumentation, allowing best-in-class surgical procedures for every patient and cost-efficient innovation in healthcare” says Surgify’s CEO, Visa Sippola.

Surgify Medical Oy has received a governmental research grant from Business Finland and Aalto University, as well as funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 878204 for the development of Surgify Safety Burr™.


The enablers of safer surgery

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Visa Sippola
CEO, Co-Founder

Shahab Haeri
CTO, Co-Founder

Jukka Kreander
CQRO, Co-Founder

Junaid Akhtar
Engineering Design Manager

Anna Prudan
Quality Engineer

Shaher Ahmad
Product owner

Satu Lundelin
Sales and Marketing Manager


Board members

  • Lex Giltaij, Chairman of the Board, MD MBA
  • Adriaan Hart de Ruijter, Board Member, investor, MD MBA
  • Andreas Bunge, Board Member, investor, MSc
  • Juho Risku, Board Member, investor (Butterfly Ventures), MSc
  • Shahab Haeri, Board Member, Surgify Co-Founder, MSc