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Prior to most surgical operations concerning the brain, the skull is opened utilizing the craniotomy procedure. Surgeons have difficulties cutting into bone without damaging soft tissues underneath. Particularly in neurosurgery, it is essential that the skull is cut and opened without damaging the underlying delicate tissues.

In approximately 30% of operations some degree of damage is caused to the soft tissues under the skull. Complications can be severe, including sudden death in case of blood vessel rupture. Especially in old people, which are treated in increasing numbers, the dura mater can be tightly attached to the inner surface of the skull and the risk of damage is higher.

Hard to reach

During bone cutting, instruments are only able to detach the dura locally in the cutting region. The middle of the bone flap might still be hard to reach and left attached to the skull when the flap is removed. Consequently, dural tears also occur at this stage of the surgery.

Why should you choose Surgify?


Patient safety is always priority. Protecting soft tissues prevents unwanted bleedings and complications, which can be even life-threatening if important blood vessels are damaged.


Faster operations means less risks for the patient by decreasing the required anesthesia time and the risk of complications. It also allows hospitals to treat more patients with lower costs.

Less invasive bone surgery

Less invasive surgery means less trauma and faster recovery of the patient. Preventing damage in the first place means safer operations and less corrective actions.

Team with multidisciplinary expertise

Picture of Visa Sippola, Medical Director at Surgify

Visa Sippola

is the CEO and Co-Founder of Surgify and responsible for making our product meet the customer needs. Before initiating this project, he was working as a researcher at Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

Picture of Shahab Haeri, Technical Director at Surgify

Shahab Haeri

is the CTO and Co-Founder of Surgify, who has the skills to make our solution a reality. He has been fully involved in Surgify since the beginning of the project.

Picture of Juho Carpén, Commercial Director at Surgify

Juho Carpén

is the CFO and Co-Founder of Surgify and responsible for making Surgify a viable and profitable business. Before joining the team in its early phase, he has been involved in multiple strategy and market analysis projects.

Picture of Jukka Kreander, Quality Manager at Surgify

Jukka Kreander

is the CQO and Co-Founder of Surgify, who is responsible for development of quality management systems and regulatory affairs. He has gained experience from life science companies, such as GE Healthcare, Sooma, and MDS Finland.

Picture of Junaid Akhtar, Product Development Engineer at Surgify

Junaid Akhtar

is a product development engineer, who is closely involved in the technology development. His product development and engineering skills are highly valuable for Surgify.

Picture of Jan Ekström, Commercial Advisor at Surgify

Jan Ekström

has over 30 years of experience in life science companies, such as Instrumentarium and GE Healthcare. He has been building a successful medical technology business from a small enterprise into a global market leader.

Extensive network of advisors

What do we do?

We are currently preparing the commercialization of a novel technology for bone surgery at Aalto University with financial support from Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). To enable continuous communication with clinicians, we have been working in close cooperation with Neurosurgical Department of Helsinki University Central Hospital, part of HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa).

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